Comic Cuts

Comic Cuts

First Issue: 17th May 1890
Last Issue: 12th September 1953
Copyright: Harmswoth / Amalgamated Press

The first issue of Comic Cuts was an amalgam of reprints from American magazines. For a comic with a such an uninspiring start, it went to become a one of the longest running comics in history.

During its long lifetime, Comic Cuts merged with many comics including ‘Golden Penny’ – 4th February 1928, ‘Jolly Comic’ – 4th November 1939 and ‘Larks’ – 25th may 1940. Comic Cuts finally passed away in September 1953 when it was merged with Knockout.

First Issue of ‘Comic Cuts’ dated 17th May 1890

Comic Cuts First Issue

‘Comic Cuts’ Number 3004 dated 29th August 1953

Comic Cuts Number 3004