Hurricane Comic

First Issue: 29th February 1964
Last Issue: 8th May 1965
Copyright: IPC Magazines

Hurry of the Hammers Hurricane ComicStories in Hurricane comic number one were Typhoon Tracy, Skid Solo, Epics of Sport, Two Fists, A Yankee, Sword For Hire, Rod The Odd Mod, The Worst Boy in the School, HMS Outcast, He Rides Alone and Warrior With Wings. Hurricane ran for 63 issue before it ran out of wind and joined Tiger comic, 15th May 1965, taking Skid Solo and Typhoon Tracy with it.

Interestingly, Hurricane ran a strip called ‘Hurry of the Hammers’ in issue number 19 dated 4th July 1964. It was a reprint of the ‘Roy of the Rovers’ strip from Tiger comic with just a name change.

Typhoon Tracy

Typhoon Tracy Hurricane Comic

Skid Solo

Skid Solo Hurricane Comic