Knockout Comic

First Issue: 4th March 1939
Last Issue: 16th February 1963
Copyright: Amalgamated Press / Fleetway

Originally Called ‘The knock-Out Comic’, Knockout bashed its way into the newsagents on 4th March 1939. The first issue introduced in comic strip form the rotund star of ‘The Magnet Library’, Billy Bunter by Charles Chapman. Also in issue one were ‘Sexton Blake’ by Jos Walker, ‘Our Ernie’ by C.E Holt and the famous ‘Deed a Day Danny’ by Hugh McNeil. Such was the popularity of Billy Bunter that from 10th June 1961, Knockout became ‘Billy Bunter’s Knockout’. After 1231 issues and having merged with Magnet and Comic Cuts during its lifetime, Knockout came to an end in February 1963.

The Knockout and Magic ComicThe 21st July 1962 issue of Knockout saw the appearance of one of the most famous stories in British comics history, ‘Kelly’s Eye’ (Solano Lopez). The story has recently been reprinted in ‘Albion: Origins’. The adventure began when Tim Kelly visited Los Solos in south America in order to claim an inheritance left by his uncle following his death. Unbeknown to Kelly, there were some men who had been left in charge of the money who wanted to rob him of his fortune. On arrival in South America, the local police chief, Pedro Garcia, laid a trap for Kelly in order to sell him into slavery. Abducted and forced to march through the Jungle, Kelly helped save the life of one his fellow captives by rescuing him from a Piranha infested river. Very grateful at being saved from certain death, the old Indian rewarded Kelly by taking him to the ‘Temple of Zoltec’. Whilst at the temple, Kelly found ‘The Eye of Zoltec’ which protected the wearer from any harm. ‘Kelly’s Eye’ survived Knockout’s merger with Valiant and made its last Valiant appearance dated 18th May 1974.

The strip also appeared again in the first issue of Vulcan (Scottish Edition) (1st March 1975). Some reprints of ‘Kelly’s Eye’ can be seen in the new ‘Albion: Origins’ hardback book by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Steve Holland which also includes ‘The House of Dolman’, Janus Stark’ and ‘Cursitor Doom’.

‘Deed a Day Danny’

Deed a Day Danny

The Knock-Out Comic Issue Number 1
4th March 1939

The Knockout Comic Issue Number 1

Knockout Comic Number 461
December 27th 1947

Knockout Comic Number 461

Knockout Comic December 30th 1972

Knockout Comic December 30th 1972