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First Issue: 18th September 1965
Last Issue: 18th June 1966
Copyright: Fleetway

‘Ranger’ The National Boys Magazine was unambiguous in its choice of target audience. The magazine was a mixture of text stories and comic strips and was most famous for the introduction of ‘The Trigan Empire’, which was a science fiction series written by Mike Butterworth with the artistry of Don Lawrence. The strip transferred into the pages of ‘look and Learn’ favourite when the two comics merged in issue 232 of ‘Look and Learn’ dated June 1966 with the title being called ‘Look and Learn Incorporating Ranger’. ‘The Trigan Empire’ spanned all 40 issues of ‘Ranger’ and continued in ‘Look and Learn’ until its eventual demise.

‘The Trigan Empire’

Ranger Comic The Trigan Empire

Other notable comic strips included ‘Rob Riley’, drawn by Jesus Blasco, ‘Dan Dakota’, ‘Britons Never Never Never Shall Be Slaves’ a strip that used artwork from the French magazine Pilote with Asterix renamed Beric and the action moved to Great Britain. Other strips included ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Space Cadet’, ‘King Solomon’s Mines’, ‘Blood on the Prairie’, ‘Moby-Dick’,’Allan Quatermain’ and ‘Rodney Stone’.

‘Ranger’ The National Boys’ Magazine First Issue dated 18th September 1965

Ranger Comic First Issue