Hotspur, The

The Hotspur

First Issue: 2nd February 1933
Last Issue: 24th January 1981
Copyright: DC Thomson

‘The Hotspur’ first appeared on 2nd February 1933 as a story paper. The stories in the first issue were ‘Silias Snatcher’, ‘The Truant Catcher’, ‘Buffalo Bill’s Schooldays’, ‘Japers Of The Red Circle’, ‘Absent-Minded Alfie’, ‘The Son Of Scarface’, ‘The Swooping Vengeance’, ‘Colarado Kid’, ‘The Big Stiff’ and ‘The Traitor of the Tea’. Initially starting out as a story paper, It wasn’t until 24th October 1959 that ‘The Hotspur’ became a British comic.

‘The Hotspur’ First Issue
Story Paper Format
2nd February 1933

The Hotspur Story Paper First Issue

‘The New Hotspur’ First Issue
Comic Format
24th October 1959

The New Hotspur Comic First Issue

‘The Hotspur’
22nd December 1951
‘The Iron Men of the Sea’

The Hotspur Comic 22nd December 1951

‘The Hotspur’
11th November 1967
‘The Charge of the Buffalo Brigade’

The Hotspur Comic 11th November 1967

The Hotspur Truck