Girl Comic Logo


First Issue: 2nd November 1951Last Issue: 3rd October 1964Copyright: Hulton / Longacre Sister Paper to The Eagle ‘The New Super-Colour Weekly for Every Girl’ headlined the front cover of the first issue of Girl, sister paper to the Eagle, dated 2nd November 1951. With the emphasis on all girl action, Girl introduced a number of…

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Giggle Comic Logo


First Issue: 29th April 1967Last Issue: 13th January 1968Copyright: Fleetway The first issue of Giggle comic appeared in April 1967 included The Wild Bunch, Meet The Chuckles, Tammy Tuff, Ali Booba & Tubi-Tum, The Space-Travellers, Buck Bingo, Dim Dan, Herlock Sholmes, Castaways To Danger, Niblo Nibbs, Helpful Hettie, Danny, Captain Swoop, Tickler Pics, Jokes Page,…

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The Gem Library Logo 2d

Gem, The Library

First Issue: 30th March 1907Last Issue: December 1939Copyright: Amalgamated Press The Gem Library’, to give it its full title, was the sister paper to ‘The Magnet Library’. In an article entitled ‘Boy’s Weeklies’ George Orwell considered Gem to be less popular than Magnet. Although less popular, Gem and Magnet were very similar in that they…

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Funny Folks Comic Logo

Funny Folks

First Issue: 12th December 1874Last Issue: 28th April 1894Copyright: James Henderson Funny Folks is considered by many to be the first publication to meet the criteria of a comic and therefore, Funny Folks is where the history of British comics began. ‘Funny Folks’ – Man with Umbrella 1885   ‘Funny Folks’ – Christmas Issue 1887…

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Film Fun Logo

Film Fun

First Issue: 17th January 1920Last Issue: 8th September 1962Copyright: Amalgamated Press The front cover star of Film Fun comic dated 17th January 1920 was ‘Winkle’ or to give it its full title ‘The Adventures of Winkle, The Pathe Mirth Wizard’ by Tom Bradford. Film Fun went on to regularly feature ‘Laurel & Hardy’, ‘Abbot &…

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Emma Comic Logo


First Issue: 25th February 1978Last Issue: 22nd September 1979Copyright: DC Thomson The first issue of Emma comic included the following stories ‘The Emma Report’, ‘Chegger’s Chat’, ‘Sue Spiker’, ‘Madeleine in TV Mad’, ‘Jodie And The Otter’, ‘Your Emma’, ‘Angie’, ‘Lynne Against Lareno’, ‘Blue Eyes’ and an article about Emma and the Muppets. The last issue…

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Eagle Relaunched Logo

Eagle Relaunched

First Issue: 27th March 1982Last Issue: January 1994Copyright: Fleetway In March 1982, IPC Magazines re-launched the ‘Eagle’ comic attempting to recapture the golden age of its previous incarnation. The first issue was a departure from traditional boys’ comics in that it included photo strip stories, an idea used quite successfully in modern girls’ publications such…

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Eagle Comic Logo


First Issue: 14th April 1950Last Issue: 26th April 1969Copyright: Hulton Eagle Comic First Issue Featuring Dan Dare Pilot of the Future Although the introduction of speech balloons and new printing techniques in the 1930’s was seen as innovative, comics continued with the same premise and format until the groundbreaking arrival of the Eagle in 1950….

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