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First Issue: 17th January 1920
Last Issue: 8th September 1962
Copyright: Amalgamated Press

The front cover star of Film Fun comic dated 17th January 1920 was ‘Winkle’ or to give it its full title ‘The Adventures of Winkle, The Pathe Mirth Wizard’ by Tom Bradford. Film Fun went on to regularly feature ‘Laurel & Hardy’, ‘Abbot & Costello’ and ‘Old Mother Riley’. Film Fun comic ran for 2225 issues before being amalgamated into Buster comic in 1962.

‘Film Fun’ First Issue

Film Fun Comic First Issue


‘Film Fun’ Issue Number 983

November 19th 1938

Film Fun Comic Number 983 November 19th 1938


‘Film Fun’ Issue Number 1537

 July 2nd 1949

Film Fun Comic Number 1537 July 2nd 1949