Hurricane Comic


First Issue: 29th February 1964Last Issue: 8th May 1965Copyright: IPC Magazines Stories in Hurricane comic number one were Typhoon Tracy, Skid Solo, Epics of Sport, Two Fists, A Yankee, Sword For Hire, Rod The Odd Mod, The Worst Boy in the School, HMS Outcast, He Rides Alone and Warrior With Wings. Hurricane ran for 63…

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Hulk Comic


First Issue: 7th March 1979Last Issue: 15th May 1980Copyright: UK Marvel “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”‘Hulk Comic’ ran for 63 issue before being caught in Spider-Man Weekly’s web. ‘Hulk Comic’- First Issue7th March 1979 ‘Hulk Comic’- Number 321st March 1979

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The Hotspur

Hotspur, The

First Issue: 2nd February 1933Last Issue: 24th January 1981Copyright: DC Thomson ‘The Hotspur’ first appeared on 2nd February 1933 as a story paper. The stories in the first issue were ‘Silias Snatcher’, ‘The Truant Catcher’, ‘Buffalo Bill’s Schooldays’, ‘Japers Of The Red Circle’, ‘Absent-Minded Alfie’, ‘The Son Of Scarface’, ‘The Swooping Vengeance’, ‘Colarado Kid’, ‘The…

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Goal Magazine


First Issue: 10th August 1968Last Issue: 7th June 1974Copyright: Longacre Press The first issue included Bobby Charlton’s Diary, Everton Can Be New Champions, This Can Lead To 70 Deaths, Greatest Club Match In Football, Ken Jones Column, Manchester City – Rags To Riches, Stars Of The Week, On The Ball, Here And There, League Tables…

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