Adventure Comic

First Issue: 17th September 1921
Last Issue: 14th January 1961
Copyright: DC Thomson

Before comics, there were Story Papers. Story papers were long text stories with the occasional illustration. In the space of three years, DC Thomson launched five story papers. Adventure was the first of the five papers. The story paper market was dominated at the time by Amalgamated Press (Fleetway / IPC Magazines / Egmont) with their story papers ‘The Magnet Library’ and ‘The Gem Library’. the former having a lot of success with Billy Bunter and co. Adventure was an initial success and DC Thomson decided to launch another two comics the following year which were ‘The Rover’ and ‘The Wizard’. Followed by The Skipper in 1930 and The Hotspur in 1933. Adventure’s adventures came to an end when it merged into The Rover in 1961.

Adventure Comic number 1493