Captain Britain

Captain Britain

First Issue: 13th October 1976
Last Issue: 6th July 1977
Copyright: Marvel UK

No its not Nigel Farage or some other well known Brexiteer, but a British comic character. Captain Britain originally appeared in the first issue of Captain Britain comic in 1976. The usual fayre of Marvel UK which is the subsidiary of its bigger American brother Marvel were reprints from the U.S comics. Captain Britain marked a turning point as it was the first original content produced for a UK audience. With artwork by Alan Davis and writing by Chris Claremont and Alan Moore, the publication was truly memorable. There was still however some reprinted U.S material which included Nick Fury and the Fantastic Four.

After a steady decline in sales, the title ended with issue number 39 dated 6th July 1977. The following week ‘Captain Britain’ was merged with ‘Super Spider-Man and the Titans’ which became ‘Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain’ issue number 231 dated July 13th 1977. Poor old Titans!

‘Captain Britain’ First Issue

Captain Britain First Issue

The story-line has a very British feel to it with Captain Britain receiving his special powers from Merlyn and Roma. Roma being Merlyn’s daughter and the guardian of the omniverse. Armed with Excalibur, the Sword of Might as well as super human strengths, perception, senses and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds, Captain Britain was a formidable adversary.

A Daily Express article published in May 2018 suggested that Captain Britain was coming to the the big screen and the actor to take on the role of the British aristocrat AKA Brian Braddock would be none other than Orlando Bloom, star of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. There are also rumours that Captain Britain may make an appearance in ‘Spider-Man – Far From Home’.

‘Captain Britain’ Last Issue

Captain Britain Last Issue