Countdown Comic

First Issue: 20th February 1971
Last Issue: 24th March 1972
Copyright: Polystyle

carol vorderman richard whiteleyAbsolutely nothing to do with Carol Vorderman, Richard Whiteley or even Susie Dent!

Countdown, the comic, was hosted on the front cover by Doctor Who (John Pertwee), Countdown arrived on our shelves dated 20th February 1971. With the free gift of a “Giant Spacefact Wall Chart with Stamps” and posing the question, ‘Do Flying Saucers Exist?’, Countdown introduced an array of television stars, in comic format, including Doctor Who in Gemini Plan, Dastardly And Muttley, UFO, Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet.

Although, the last edition of Countdown comic was dated 24th March 1972, it was not the end of the comic. The comic was given a new title and appeared the following week as TV Action.

Issues 1 to 18 Countdown

Issues 19 to 45 Countdown The Space-age comic!

Issues 46 to 56 Countdown for TV Action!

Issues 57 to 58 TV Action in Countdown

Issues 59 to 100 TV Action + Countdown

Issues 101 to 132 TV Action

Not at all confusing!

Countdown Comic First Issue

Countdown Comic First Issue

Countdown (for TV Action)

Countdown Comic Last Issue

TV Action + Countdown First Issue 1st April 1972

TV Action and Countdown First Issue