Illustrated Chips

First Issue: 26th July 1890
Last Issue: 12th September 1953
Copyright: Amalgamated Press

Called Illustrated Chips but most often referred to as Chips as it changed its name to that title in September 1952. Chips made its first appearance in July 1890 and ran until 1953 making it one of the world’s longest running comics along with the likes of Comic Cuts, The Beano and The Dandy. Chips merged with ‘The Joker’ – 6th December 1947 and its life finally came to an end in 1953 when it joined Film Fun. In October 1969, IPC Magazines, a latter incarnation of Amalgamated Press, paid homage to Chips by including its name in its new title Whizzer & Chips.

‘Illustrated Chips’ dated 13th May 1922 featuring old favourites ‘Weary Willie and Tired Tim’


Page two of ‘Illustrated Chips’ dated 13th May 1922 featuring old favourite ‘Mr Chip’s Chat’