First Issue: 1st May 1971
Last Issue: 25th September 1971
Copyright: IPC Magazines

Jet comic first appeared 1st May 1971 and lasted for 22 issues until it was merged with Buster 25th September 1971. Jet introduced us to many characters including “Bonehead” the Barmy Bulldog who lived in a pet shop. Bonehead was often bought but the owners always returned him because of his voracious appetite. Bonehead continued his adventures, which include a job as a guard dog at the circus, in Buster. (Reg Parlett)

Ricky Rubberneck who was better known as Faceache.Jet Number one introduced the boy with one hundred faces, Ricky Rubberneck who was better known as “Faceache”. Faceache could by the way of “scrunge-ing himself ” turn himself into anything and in Jet no.1 used his unusual ability to help him scrump for apples although, this left him with tummy ache as well as faceache (Ken Reid).

The humorous theme continued with “The Kids of Stalag 41” which was a story about a prisoner of war camp whose inhabitants were British schoolchildren, the sons of Britons who had been living in France when it was overrun. The boys, Nipper Long, Winston, Dinger Bell, Muscles Miller and Judge Perkins spent their time planning tricks against the camp commandant Colonel Klaus Von Schtink. (Tony Goffe)

The war theme continued with “Seargeants Four” which was the story of Seargeants Alf Higgs, Taffy Jones, Jock McGill and Paddy O’Boyle who were from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland respectively. The four seargeants returned to Dunkirk to recapture the British Bulldog Banner which was the army’s most treasured war souvenir which had been at Waterloo, the Crimea and South Africa. Due to their success and their uniquely British makeup, they became an independent commando force created to tackle special top danger missions. (Fred Holmes)

Germany, April 1945 and the crazy inventor Doktor Von Hoffman plans to destroy Britain with “the mightiest weapon ever devised by man”. Von Hoffman invented an armoured rocket firing flame-throwing centipede. The RAF destroyed the centipede so Von Hoffman invented a Giant eel. (Eric Bradbury)

Other popular stories from Jet were “The Sludgemouth Sloggers”, “Partridge’s Patch”, “Paddy McGinty’s Goat”, “Crazy Car Capers”, “Adare’s Anglicans”, “Kester Kidd”, “Bertie Bumpkin” and “Bala the Briton.”

What a Place For a Holiday! In Sludgemouth, It Never Stops Raining!

The Sludgemouth Sluggers from Jet Comic

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