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First Issue: 17th March 1906
Last Issue: 16th February 1929
Copyright: Henderson

Britain's Honour‘Lot-O’-Fun’ comic with its eight pages of Pip Martin and George Davey art appeared 17th March 1906. The first issue saw the appearance of ‘The Delusions of Dreamy Daniel’ which followed the unbelievable exploits of a character called Daniel who would experience fantastic adventures only to wake up at the end of the strip and realise that it was all just a dream.

Other stories in ‘Lot-O’-Fun’ comic included ‘The Adventures of Winkle and Binkle Minor’, ‘Chu, Chin and his Chow’, ‘Dreamy Daniel’, ‘Joey, the Handy Lad’, ‘The Moonshine Movie Nibs’, ‘Paul Push’ , ‘Patriotic Paul’, ‘Sammy Sample’, ‘Topsy of the Tea Shop’, ‘Victor’s Adventures’ and ‘Will the Wanderer’. Lot-O;-Fun survived for 1196 issues before joining Crackers comic.

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‘Lot O’ Fun’ Comic December 14th 1912
A Grand New Football Series This Week
Dreamy Has A Very Cold Dip

Lot O Fun Comic December 14th 1912

‘Lot O’ Fun’ Comic November 14th 1914
This week
Tony Esmond
Express Rider
A Grand New Serial
Patriotic Paul Turns The Tables On The Germans

Lot O Fun Comic November 14th 1914

‘Lot O’ Fun’ Comic Christmas Number
December 27th 1924
The Popular Coloured Comic
Gran Xmas Number
Number 981

Lot O Fun Comic Christmas Number