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First Issue: 30th July 1904
Last Issue: 11th May 1940
Copyright: Harmsworth

‘Puck’ comic which was launched by Harmsworth, was the first comic to use substantial amounts of colour. The first issue of Puck included Oliver Twist & The Artful Dodger, The Newlyweds, Flannelfeet, Professor Radium, Mary Jane’s Situations, Buzzville, Dr. Up-To-Dayte’s Academy, Scorcher Smith and Billy Smiff’s Pirates.

‘Puck’ Comic First Issue
30th July 1904
The Greatest Novelty of 1904

Puck Comic First Issue 30th July 1904

‘Puck’ Comic
8th October 1921

Puck Comic 8th October 1921

‘Puck’ Comic Annual 1924

Puck Comic Annual 1924

‘The Merry Mouser Boys’ 1924

The Merry Mouser Boys 1924