Knockout Comic


First Issue: 4th March 1939Last Issue: 16th February 1963Copyright: Amalgamated Press / Fleetway Originally Called ‘The knock-Out Comic’, Knockout bashed its way into the newsagents on 4th March 1939. The first issue introduced in comic strip form the rotund star of ‘The Magnet Library’, Billy Bunter by Charles Chapman. Also in issue one were ‘Sexton…

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Judy Comic logo


First Issue: 16th January 1960Last Issue: 11th May 1991Copyright: DC Thomson ‘Judy’comic ran for 1635 issues and absorbed Emma and Tracy comics before being absorbed itself into Mandy comic 18th May 1991. Stories included ‘Bobby Dazzler’, ‘Bobtail the Beach Rescue’, ‘Boomerang: The Horse That Always Comes Back’, ‘The Honourable SJ’, ‘Patience in the Saddle’, ‘Petra:…

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The Robin Comic Logo

The Robin

First Issue: 28th March 1953Last Issue: 25th January 1969Copyright: Hulton First issue saw Andy Pandy, Bingo, Bango And Bongo, Simon And Sally The Twins, Midge The Motor Car, The Story Of Woppit, Mac and Maggie, Flower Pot Men, Tom The Tractor, Johnny Bull, Toyville, The Magic Wellingtons, Princess Toi-Lu, The Robin Reading Strip, Bible Story…

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Ranger Comic Logo


First Issue: 18th September 1965Last Issue: 18th June 1966Copyright: Fleetway ‘Ranger’ The National Boys Magazine was unambiguous in its choice of target audience. The magazine was a mixture of text stories and comic strips and was most famous for the introduction of ‘The Trigan Empire’, which was a science fiction series written by Mike Butterworth…

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The Rainbow Comic Logo

The Rainbow

First Issue: 14th February 1914Last Issue: 28th April 1956Copyright: Amalgamated Press The first issue of the all full colour Rainbow comic appeared 14th February 1914 with Tiger Tim and friends, collectively known as the ‘Bruin Boys’ starring on the front cover. ‘The Bruin Boys’ consisted of ‘Tiger Tim’ , ‘Jumbo Elephant’, ‘Willie Ostrich’, ‘Georgie Giraffe’,…

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Puck Comic Logo


First Issue: 30th July 1904Last Issue: 11th May 1940Copyright: Harmsworth ‘Puck’ comic which was launched by Harmsworth, was the first comic to use substantial amounts of colour. The first issue of Puck included Oliver Twist & The Artful Dodger, The Newlyweds, Flannelfeet, Professor Radium, Mary Jane’s Situations, Buzzville, Dr. Up-To-Dayte’s Academy, Scorcher Smith and Billy…

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Plug Comic


First Issue: 24th September 1977Last Issue: 25th February 1979Copyright: DC Thomson With a long distinguished career as a member of the ‘Bash Street Kids’, Percival Proudfoot Plugsley made his long awaited appearance in his own comic on 24th September 1977. Stories in the first issue of Plug comic included: Antchester United who were a football…

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Jinty Comic Logo


First Issue: 11th May 1974Last Issue: 21st November 1981Copyright: IPC Magazines Jinty issue number one appeared on 11th May 1974 and included a free gift of a ‘Smiley Wrist Bracelet’. Stories in the first issue were Dora Dogsbody, The Haunting of Form 2B, Gwen’s Stolen Glory, Make Believe Mandy, Merry at Misery House, Do It…

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Jingles Comic


First Issue: 13th January 1934Last Issue: 29th May 1954Copyright: Amalgamated Press ‘Jingles’ comic with ‘Dreamy Dennis’, ‘Strongheart The Wonder Dog’, ‘Jimmy Jolly & his Magic Brolly’, ‘Your Request Tale Told by the Storyteller’, ‘Out of Bounds by Leonard Douglas’, ‘The Watcher at the Window’, ‘Dick Danby the Schoolboy Tec’, ‘Okey Doke the Jolly Genie’ and…

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First Issue: 1st May 1971Last Issue: 25th September 1971Copyright: IPC Magazines Jet comic first appeared 1st May 1971 and lasted for 22 issues until it was merged with Buster 25th September 1971. Jet introduced us to many characters including “Bonehead” the Barmy Bulldog who lived in a pet shop. Bonehead was often bought but the…

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