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First Issue: 4th May 1968Last Issue: 29th March 1969Copyright: Fleetway The tabloid sized Jag comic roared on to our shelves on the 4th May 1968. Jag, short for Jaguar, was the third and final Fleetway title to be named after a big cat, the other two elder siblings being Lion and Tiger. The first issue…

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Fizog Comic


First Issue: December 1994 / January 1995Last Issue: April / May 1995Copyright: Healey / Johnston / Wilkinson FIZOG was a modern children’s comic created, written and designed by Dean Wilkinson who had previously been editor of Acne comic in 1982.Fizog comic was financed by Wilkinson and artists Lee Healey and Mervyn Johnston in 1994 and…

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The Dandy

Dandy, The

First Issue: 4th December 1937Last Issue: 4th December 2012Copyright: DC Thomson It was the job of Albert Barnes, The Dandy Comic editor to usher in a new era in British comics. On 4th December 1937, The Dandy Comic, as it was originally called, made its debut. The Dandy differed from its predecessors in a number…

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David Sque Books

David Sque

David Sque was born in Bournemouth in April 1944. A year later, he played his part in ending World War Two. From the age of three he started to exhibit the Artistic gift that he has inherited from his Mother’s side of the family. He went to a small Catholic School run by Nuns, which…

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Stephen Mathews

Stephen Matthews

Like the ‘Sid’s Snake’ cartoonist, Mike Lacey, Stephen was born and grew up in Southend-On-Sea, Essex. Early influences include Asterix The Gaul, Andy Capp and IPC humour comics throughout the ’70’s. A budding cartoonist from the age of 5, he eventually won the ‘Daily Star Young Cartoonist Of The Year’ in 1985. It opened doors…

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The Crunch Is Now

The Crunch

First Issue: 20th January 1979Last Issue: 26th January 1980Copyright: DC Thomson The Crunch…Is Now Crunch or to give it it’s full title ‘The Crunch’, crunched it’s way onto news-agent’s shelves dated 20th January 1979 with it’s humble claim, ‘The sensational new paper with the most dynamic bunch of stories ever!’ It’s first issue free gift…

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Cracker Comic


First Issue: 18th January 1975Last Issue: 11th September 1976Copyright: DC Thomson ‘Cracker’ comic ran for 87 issues before it merged with ‘Topper’ comic. Strips in the first issue included ‘Young Foo’, ‘Simple Spyman’, ‘Big-Head Branny’, ‘Spookie Cookie’, ‘Scrapper’, ‘Castaways On Planet Doom’, ‘Billy The Kid’, ‘Hector The Collector’, ‘Skooldaze’, ‘The Headhunters’, ‘Spookum Skool’, ‘Joe Soap’,…

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Countdown Comic


First Issue: 20th February 1971Last Issue: 24th March 1972Copyright: Polystyle Absolutely nothing to do with Carol Vorderman, Richard Whiteley or even Susie Dent! Countdown, the comic, was hosted on the front cover by Doctor Who (John Pertwee), Countdown arrived on our shelves dated 20th February 1971. With the free gift of a “Giant Spacefact Wall Chart…

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Commando Comics


First Issue: July 1961Last Issue: N/ACopyright: DC Thomson Commando Comics is the popular term for the comic library series which started out as ‘Commando War Stories in Pictures’ and changed to ‘Commando For Action and Adventure’ in September 1993. The comics have been continuously published by DC Thomson since 1961. Featuring war picture stories from…

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Comic Life

Comic Life

First Issue: 30th December 1899Last Issue: 21st January 1928Copyright: Henderson/Amalgamated Press Starting life as ‘Pictorial Comic Life’, the comic was given a new lease of life 30th December 1899 when it became simply ‘Comic Life’. Stories in Comic Life included ‘Burglar Bertie’ – George Davey, ‘Good knight Gilbert’ – Roy Wilson, ‘The Merry Boys of…

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